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928 8th AveNew York, NY 10019
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Dive into the world of espionage at SPYSCAPE in NYC, an immersive and interactive spy museum experience! Explore the secrets of spies, test your own spy skills, and discover the fascinating history of espionage. With engaging exhibits and hands-on activities, it's a must-visit destination for anyone curious about the covert world of spies.

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Good To Know

  • Discover fascinating true stories of espionage featuring famous agents and covert missions from around the world.
  • Test your skills in code-breaking, surveillance, and lie detection through immersive activities designed by a former Head of Training at MI6.
  • Located in Midtown Manhattan and easily accessible by public transportation. The entrance is on 8th Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets.
  • A typical visit takes approximately 1.5 hours to 2 hours.
  • SPYSCAPE is suitable for visitors of all ages, making it a great outing for families.
  • The facility is fully wheelchair accessible and a limited number of wheelchairs are available for use free of charge on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Storage lockers are available in the coat room on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Outside food and drinks are not permitted.
  • You can take pictures, but please note that flash photography and professional camera/video/audio equipment are not permitted.


Dive into the world of espionage at SPYSCAPE in New York City. This interactive museum offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, bringing the secretive world of spies to life.

Test your skills in code-breaking, surveillance, and lie detection with hands-on activities designed to challenge your mind and reveal your inner spy. See how your skills stack up in immersive spy challenges designed by a former Head of Training at British Intelligence's MI6, covering empathy, analysis, agility, and strategy. Then, receive a detailed profile as part of the SPY HQ experience to inspire you to develop your inner superhero!

Discover incredible true stories of espionage from around the world, featuring famous agents and covert missions. Explore an extensive collection of spy gadgets and gear, and learn how they were used in the field. Among SPYSCAPE's unique exhibits are a suitcase lie detector, a U2 spy plane camera, an original Enigma machine used by the Germans in WWII to encode secret messages, Edward Snowden's telepresence robot, micro bugging devices, and the USB Drive that contained the virus used in the notorious Stuxnet worm attack on an Iranian nuclear facility.

Conveniently located in Midtown Manhattan, SPYSCAPE is easily accessible by public transportation and just a short walk from major attractions like Times Square and Central Park.

Whether you're a history buff, a tech enthusiast, or simply looking for a fun and educational outing, SPYSCAPE has something for everyone. Visit SPYSCAPE and embark on an unforgettable journey into the clandestine world of espionage.
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SPYSCAPE is located at 928 8th AveNew York, NY 10019
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Frequently Asked Questions about SPYSCAPE

Where is SPYSCAPE located?

SPYSCAPE is located in Midtown Manhattan at 928 8th Ave., New York, NY. The entrance is located on 8th Avenue between 54th and 55th Streets.

How long does SPYSCAPE take?

This experience typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Is parking provided?

No, SPYSCAPE does not offer onsite parking. However, there are three parking garages close by: 300 W 55th Street, 241 W 55th Street, and 230 W 55th Street.

Is SPYSCAPE NYC suitable for children?

Yes, this is a family-friendly activity designed for both adults and kids.

Is SPYSCAPE wheelchair accessible?

Yes, SPYSCAPE’s entrances, galleries, retail spaces, café, and restrooms are walker and wheelchair-accessible. For guests arriving with a wheelchair/walker, the SE Corner of 55th St. and 8th Ave. has sidewalk access ramps. SPYSCAPE staff are also available to assist visitors in engaging with the interactive exhibits.

Can I bring my pet?

Unfortunately no, only service animals are permitted inside.

Are there lockers available for rent?

Yes, storage lockers are available in the coat room for use free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis. Storage lockers are sized 11.5"x19.5"x24". Items that are too large for the lockers will not be permitted inside.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, non-flash photography is permitted anywhere inside SPYSCAPE unless otherwise posted. Commercial photography and video/sound recording is prohibited unless you have prior written approval obtained from SPYSCAPE staff.

What can't I bring into the SPYSCAPE galleries?

Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: outside food and beverages, glass bottles, cans, weapons, illegal substances, professional camera/video/audio recording equipment, markers, spray paints, musical instruments, and sports and recreational equipment, like skateboards, bikes, baseball bats, etc.